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Sony introduces new VAIO Pro 11/13, and VAIO Duo 13

Sony has announced two new VAIOs today at Computex – the VAIO Pro 11/13 and the VAIO Duo 13.

The VAIO Pro is one of the lightest Ultrabooks from Sony to hit the market and it will be available in both 11-inch and 13-inch models (in “Carbon Black” and “Carbon Silver”) and the weight of VAIO Pro 11 is just 1.92 lbs.

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Keep Your Computer Updated With OUTDATEfighter

OUTDATEfighter, created by FIGHTERtools, is a new program that allows you to scan for software and Windows updates, without leaving the program’s window. That means no need to open a browser and manually download each program, like some other programs do

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Google Launches Google Play Music


In sixth annual I/O Conference Google  announce Google’s own subscription-based music service called Google Play Music All Access. All Access promises to leverage Google’s deep understanding of your preferences, listening habits and social circles to deliver a highly tailored music discovery experience.

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Google revamps Maps for mobile and web with new UI

Google revamps Maps for mobile and web with new UI  at Google I/O. Launching in the summer, the new Google Maps will sport an updated user interface as well as deeper Google+ synchronization.


HP unveils Envy x2 laptop / tablet hybrid

HP  announced its x2 line of tablet/laptop hybrids with two new models , the 13.3” Split x2, running Windows 8, and the 10.1” SlateBook x2, running Android. Both are laptops with detachable screens, which turn into tablets on their own.

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Google Now launches for iOS

Google Now is now available on iOS as a free update for the popular Google Search app. The iOS app recognizes voice and actually looks hotter than its Android peer (the cards have a nice Cover Flow-like view), but can’t quite match the functionality of the Google OS version.

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Twitter Releases Video-Sharing App Vine

Twitter released a new application video sharing for quick video sharing, Twitter on Thursday officially launched this  mobile service called “Vine”, Vine lets users easily capture and share short looping videos with a few swipes of your finger on a smartphone. “Vine” was a purchase rather than something homegrown, and sits mostly on its own. Twitter acquired Vine lat last year.

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How To Auto-Post your RSS Feed to Twitter, Facebook and Google+ Pages

If you want automatically post your blog post and RSS feeds to your social media like Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus, so here is a solution , with the help of you can publish blogs posts and RSS feeds to your Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus pages automatically .

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New Version of Xbox in 2013

The new version of Xbox console will only be available to gaming fans by end of 2013. According to this report from Bloomberg, the company is slated to release the next version of its Xbox video-game machine, the top-selling console, in time for the holidays next year, according to people familiar with the company’s plans.


The new device is planned for Thanksgiving and Christmas sales, said the people, who declined to be identified because the product road map is confidential. The software maker hasn’t decided whether to unveil the new Xbox at an industry event such as the E3 show in June, or a separate event devoted solely to the machine, one of the people said.

Rival Nintendo’s Wii U has already gone on sale this year and Sony has also launched a slimmer version of the PS3.

Currently the XBox 360 has been a big hit for Microsoft wit the company selling nearly750,000 over the week around Thanksgiving, surpassing company expectations , according to the Bloomberg report.

So what is the new device going to be named? It seems that it will be called Xbox 720. This report in ArsTechnica states that according to a leak in June this year has a 56 page document which appeared to come from internal Microsoft slides leaked on to Scribd, revealing a road map for the new Xbox and this referred to new console as as the Xbox 720

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Aakash 2: like an entry level Android smartphone

the newly unveiled Aakash 2 tablet from DATAWIND has been a lot of chatter due to the controversy over whether the tablet is really an off-the-shelf product from China but there has been very little notice paid to its functionality, however Datawind made huge improvement over its buggy predecessor still the tablet is (not wholly unexpectedly) quite slow.