Top 10 offline blog editors and web publishing tools

The best solution to write a post on your blog when you are not connected to internet  is offline blog publishing tools.we have earlier discussed here  how to blog  in a smart way (Bloggers can save their time)! – in this we discussed about using windows live writer but due to some constrains we alwasy can’t use windows live writer while working on diffrent OS so there are other options are avialable for you which can be used as offline blog editors and publishing tools.


some of the criteria which i have selected while determining the offline blog publoshing tools are Operating systems,media types which you embed,blogging plateform,ping to networks and others like spell checking and tagging.

for more offline you can also check out my Want Offline browsing:download HTTrack 

1.Windows live Writer


The one i use for writting is windows live writer and this is a free ware but windows OS only tool that gives you option for managing and also creating blog on various blooging platform including  Blogger, MovableType, Windows Live, WordPress,Live Journal, TypePad, and more.

live writer where supports spelcheking and embeding any type of media (also directky from flicker using plugins) but does not support tagging,pinging and direct twitter notifications.




While option for other platforms is Bleezer which  with difrent OS like linux,windows and mac and its a freeware.Bleezer works with any blogging platform, allowing you to create your posts without being connected to the Internet. the features it include are Spell check, media content embed, pings, and tagging but doeas not have twitter notification and multiblog posting.




Thingamablog is a freeware working on the diffrebt os like Windows, Mac, and Linux is a  cross-platform offline blogging solution. Thingamablog does not require a third-party blogging host, but just a FTP, SFTP, or network access to a web server, and Java 1.4.2 or greater installed. it fullfills the criteria of  Spell checking, ping, multi-blog posting but it does not have also the  Twitter notifications, media embed content,and no tagging.




BlogDesk is a freeware but limited to  Windows only. it is a offline blogging platform optimized forMovableType, Drupal, WordPress,  Serendipity and ExpressionEngine. youcan  embed media content using blogdesk inside your posts, spell check available , Technorati tagging, and post to multiple blogs. not supported features are Ping and Twitter notifications not supported.


5. Flock browser


for the people who don’t use flock it is not a offline blogging software, but a free web browser based on Mozilla Firefox   including blog-posting features built-in. The advantage of using Flock is the complete integration with media content what you  embed in your blog posts. you can use the simple drag&drop feature for  your preferred media and publish them to one of your blogs with a simple click. it supports WordPress, TypePad, Blogger, LiveJournal, Xanga, and others. but the featires here are very less it only works spellcheck and no tagging,ping and twitter notifications.












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