10+ HTML and Web Tools for Webmasters

html toolsWhen we talk about SEO and domain raking we need some tools that can tell you the response of your HTML source code and how to optimize them like 12+ List of Domain checkup tools. so here is list of some tools that will help you in optimizing your HTML source code.

HTML Encrypt
Hide your HTML source code.

HTML Optimizer
Optimize and clean your HTML source code.

HTTP Headers
Extract the HTTP Headers of a web page.

Link Extractor
Extract links from a specific web page.

Meta-tags Extractor
Extract meta-tags information from a web page.

Meta-tags Generator

Generate and configure your meta-tags.

Source Code Viewer
View the source code of a page.

.Htaccess URL Rewrite
Convert your dynamic URL into a short friendly link.

Link Shortener
Make a long web address short and easy to remember.

URL Redirect Checker
Check whether a redirect link is Search Engine Friendly.

Spider View
This tool enables you to view a perpective from a search engine spider.

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6 Responses

  1. I just tried spider view for our website. Though it only allows 5 request/hour for free, the data it gave was both eye-opening and informative.

    I will now ask our website developer to do something about the presentation of our website to spiders. There are a lot of text that will not help our SEO strategies.

    Thanks, Nitesh for this awesome tools list.

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