In the last 10 years, the mobile technology landscape has changed dramatically. We moved from the GSM to GPRS to EDGE and now to 3G technology. 3G picks up from where 2G left off. 3G offer faster, seamless internet connection, enable users to video chat, watch TV, play games, surf internet, check emails, share files, pictures and keep engaged on the social networking circles all day long.

Cashing in on this highly efficient 3G revolution, mobile phone manufacturers have flooded the market with 3G enabled handsets. With a significantly higher rise in number of 3G handsets, mobile phone carrier provider also jumped in market to provide better 3G capable services. Both domestic and international players are rolling out 3G models to capture the attention of the 3G conscious masses.

Here are some affordable, medium range and Hot 3G phone available in Indian markets:

Affordable smartphones with 3G
Nokia C3 – Rs 8,700
Nokia 5230 – Rs 7,000
LG Buzz GU285 – Rs 4,500
Sony Ericsson Cedar – Rs 4,800
Nokia C2-01 – Rs 3,800

Medium range smartphone With 3G
HTC Wildfire S – Rs 14,700
BlackBerry Curve 9300 – Rs 12,699
Nokia E52 – Rs 12,400
Spice Mi 300 – Rs 9,900
Samsung Monte S5620 – Rs 9,000

Hot smartphone with 3G
Apple iPhone 3GS (32GB) – Rs 45,000
Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 – Rs 40,451
BlackBerry Bold 9000 – Rs 35,900
Sony Ericsson Vivaz – Rs 25,695
HTC HD Mini – Rs 23,490

In which category you fall? or which is your perfect phone (balanced price and features).


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