160Mbps broadband speed @ 20$:The wold’s fastest internet at lowest price

After a much hyped discussion about the Akamai data and Ericsson’s 56Mbps Network by Gigaom, here another wave of broadband emerges around the world, if you want fast internet then pack your bag and destined to Japan, where the fasted speed is reported to be 160Mbps, offered by J:Com, the largest cable company in Japan,

so you definitely thinking about the cost of service, the cost of service is also unbelievable as the speed, the cost is only $20,but the company should do vey heavy investment because $60 needed for each modem as stated by NYTimes.

The experience in Japan suggests that the major cable systems in the United States might be able to increase the speed of their broadband service by five to 10 times right away. They might not need to charge much more for it than they do now and they’d still make as much money.”

So this is a hot topic of conversation between status of broadband in USA and Japan,which one is better, i think costumer satisfaction.

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