20 Must do things in start to make a killer wordpress blog :part 2

after completing the previous 10 steps to make a killer wordress blog you must go for these which include things like setting up webmaster tools, adding your contact page etc.

  • 11.Install plugin central: plugin central is a easy to use plugin
  • for installing updating many plugins at a time you just need to add the name and click install it will automatically install the plugins listed there. So make a list of your necessary plugin, add them and install at once.you can learn more information on plugin central here.

  • 12.Add your Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools: After you have done wit generating sitemap for your site.Add your new site to Google Webmaster Tools and then submit your sitemap there. Once you add your site, you will be able to find when Google bot last successfully accessed your home page, web crawl errors, etc.
  • 13.Setting up Google Analytics: Google analytics enables the view of your stats and let you easily monitor your stats just by adding a script to your page.you have to first signup for Google analytics and then get the code add the code to your website,verify it and you are done to monitor your stats including sources and all information that will help you to improve your website.
  • 14.Set preferred domain: After you completely done with setting up
  • webmaster there is one thing that you must set which is Selecting your site from your Google Webmaster Tools dashboard and set your preferred domain by going to Tools>Set preferred domain.
  • 15.Install Akismet plugin: Download and install Akismet plugin to catch comment spam.In wordress blog akismet comes already installed you just have to ut your API key to Activate it. this is the safe and secure way to get rid of spam comments.
  • 16.digital fingerprint: “175,000 new blogs are created every day. There about 5.3 million blog postings per day, seventy percent of which are actually ’spam’ from a splog” according to maxpower.ca. so to keep your content protected from copying you can use digital fingerprint plugin of wordpress. here is some more info which will help you in installing and setting up.
  • 17.ADD Contact form: for Being in touch with your users and visitors you must have installed a contact us form so it is easy to reach by you. there are many contact form available you can use any of them according to your design contact form 7 is one of them.i use kontactr.
  • 18.Install Subscribe to Comments: Install the Subscribe to Comments plugin which allows commenters on your blog to check a box before commenting and get e-mail notification of further comments. This encourages readers to come back and take part in the conversation.
  • 19.install comment love plugin:if you wat to increase your number of commentators an easy way is to install comment love plugin which shows the most recent post of the commentators blog in this way the commentator also get benefit
  • 20.Write Regularly: as said content is the king so all the above will be just a waste if you dont update your blog regularly. so the must part is write regularly..if you have nay suggestion you are mostly invited here to join the discussion an let me know your views also..
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