3 Essential Facebook Apps To Improve Communication With Fans

With the help of Facebook applications you can easily communicate and reach to maximum number of your friends.It saves your important time to do another works.Now a days maximum number of people are using Facebook applications.An independent  website called AppData monitors more than 100,000 Facebook applications.Here are three important Facebook applications given below:-

1. Tweets to Pages:-

The Tweets to Pages application basically display your Twitter feed on your Facebook page.It has more than 1.2 million monthly active users.This application creates a tab on your page which displays a timeline of most recent tweets of your company. This is really an awesome feature to provide additional real time information to the users of Facebook at the time when they don’t have a Twitter account.

2. Static HTML: iframe Tabs

This Facebook application has 61.8 million monthly active users.The main work of this application is to create a custom landing page.This application provides a facility to copy and paste textboxes for your custom HTML, JavaScript and CSS.It also offers checkboxes to remove scrollbars and to enable FBML.

3. ContactMe:-

This application has 180,000 monthly active users.It basically adds a tab on your organization’s Facebook Page with a contact form.This feature allows anyone who visiting your page to easily  get in touch.Customization is the most important feature of this application .

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