3D TV:A Step Beyond Innovation

Have you ever watched 3D movies like Toy stories,Bolt, Dolphins and Whales etc. While watching those movies you definitely once think that- it can be possible to watch these movie in our home. So, your wish comes true. Within a year,you could be sitting and watching 3D movies in your home. The complete innovative prospect of SONY makes it true. In CES fair 2009 SONY show its prototype.

Everyone of you might know that watching 3D require 3D spectacles. Few years ago some 3D TV was launched but the common problem in those TV was ghosting problem. But in the new 3D television this problem is removed by SONY after its research and development. Its color and clarity have also improved. Although animation works very well and the clarity and picture quality is also very nice but according to experts brightness and contrast are the two areas in which the company have to work slightly more. Now Samsung ,LG,Panasonic,Philips have also entered in the market. The competition is really going to be very tough.

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