4 Best Blogging Apps For Android

Blogging becomes a part of today’s life. We post blog to share our everyday life, idea’s, personal tips, technology trends, images and videos to the whole world. People with the same interest subscribe our blog and become daily visitors of blogs. There are many publishing platform like WordPress, Blogger or BlogSpot, Tumblr, LiveJournal etc. that makes blogging a very easy and entertaining task.

bloggers can’t carry their laptops every where they go. So these blogging platform also have their dedicated apps for smartphone operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry.  Today I am going to shortlist most important apps for bloggers for Android devices.


The most robust and highly used weblog (Blog) publishing platform, WordPress, also has its dedicated app for Android phones and tablets. Blogging on smartphone may be a difficult task but it works well on tablets. With WordPress Android app you can publish a new post, create a new page, add photos, video to your WordPress.com blog or self-hosted blog. You can also read posts from other blogs and comments on them. WordPress app also shows you the visitor statistics of your website. You can add more than one WordPress accounts and blogs to this app.

Download Link: WordPress for Android  .


Blogger or BlogSpot is a blogging platform developed by Google Inc. you can post blogs on BlogSpot.com website or use Blogger software tool to use it on self-hosted site. With Android app you can publish posts on your BlogSpot blog or on self-hosted site. You can also add images and category labels to your posts. With Blogger app you can also geo-tag your posts.

Download Link: Blogger for Android .





Tumblr is famous for micro-blogging and photo blogging publishing platform. Tumblr Android app has many features like:

  • Create blog post, share photos, video, quotes, chats and links. Tumblr app also has widget support which can ‘create a post’ direct from your home screen.
  • You can save drafts, queue posts, customize tweets, and more.
  • Messages: View and reply to messages.
  • Address book support: Find people to follow from your address book.
  • You can manage multiple blogs from a single app installation.

Download Link: Tumblr for Android


LiveJournal is another famous social journaling platform that allows users around the world to find each other based on common passions and pursuits. It has millions of users worldwide. Users share their experiences, thoughts, guidance, artwork, fiction by  posting to journals and interest-based communities. With LiveJournal Android app you can:

  • Post entries to your journal and communities
  • Post photos
  • Create and post polls
  • Edit your last journal entry
  • Compose and edit drafts

Download Link: LiveJournal Android app

These app helps you creating and reading your famous blogs. Enjoy blogging on the go.

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