5 Best & Free PDF Editing Software

PDF (Portable Document Format) was created by Adobe & is the most popular and widely used file format for printing as well as sharing documents. Unlike Word and other popular document formats, the contents of a PDF file cannot be modified easily. You can also prevent other users from printing a physical copy of your PDF document. Any one can create tools and software for opening, viewing or manipulating PDF files. On Windows, Adobe Reader X is the best free tool from Adobe allows users to open, view or print PDF documents. But, when you want to create PDF documents, edit, merge, split, delete or disassembling PDF files .

Adobe Reader is costs around $199 for pro version, which is too costly for many of us. So here we present you 10 free alternatives to Adobe Acrobat X for PDF file manipulation.

1. Nitro PDF Reader

This one is the #1 tool for PDF manipulation, it includes almost all features that paid Adobe Acrobat X can provide. From simple PDF viewing/navigating to complex PDF creation, editing & conversions, this tool handles smoothly. Creation, editing, converting, exporting, OCR, document reviewing, secure exchange of information, and so much more is possible with Nitro PDF Software.

2. Foxit Reader

Foxit is among best free PDF readers, creators and editors out there. Foxit PhantomPDF Software is a way to make all of your PDF files business ready. A person can develop personal documents, allow for workgroup collaboration, design company forms and so much more. No matter what sort of business you are in, whether it is for a home office or in a large business, this software is catered to you. Many PDF related needs can be done by Foxit, but if you need some business class functionalities then premium versions also available at lower price then Adobe Reader. Business version can create PDF documents, edit, merge, split, delete, collaborate or disassembling them.

3. PDF Meta

Small utility developed in java to help users to remove meta data information from PDF documents. It’s a free utility that can help you edit details like the PDF document title, author name, creation data, keywords, etc. of any PDF file.

4. PDF Ride

PDF Rider is another tool that provides basic PDF editing & manipulation. This is developed in C# and .net 3.5 is the good alternative to Adobe Acrobat X. The key features of PDF Rider are merge PDF documents, insert pages from another pdf file, extract, delete, rotate pages in PDF file, encrypt and decrypt a PDF file & burst a document into single pages. This is a worth trying software as it has some new and decent features.

5. PDFedit

PDFedit is a free open source library that allows people to manipulate PDF documents that are released under the terms of GNU GPL version 2. Multiplatform library working on Unix systems, Windows32/64 and also Windows CE and others. You can use it to read, change and extract information from a PDF file. It is based on xpdf library. Once you login to the website you are free to search for files, download them and have the option to do whatever you need with the PDF files of your choice. For added security, there is a bug tracker that makes sure the files you download are safe and won’t harm your computer.

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