5 free SMS sending websites

Sending SMS from mobile is always fun but if there is a service exist on the web that is absolutely free then it is more exciting fascinating. In India there are number of websites that offers free unlimited SMS: Here are the list of websites that are absolutely tested and reliable, you can try it:

1) Ibibo.com

2) Way2SMS.com

3) 160by2.com

4) Atrochatro.com

5) Sendsmsnow.com

The only annoying part of the service is all of them required signup, but it is only for your sending identity. So try these service.






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7 Responses

  1. Thank for this post himanshu.I have been using indyarocks.com, its really cool, i can send unlimited sms to anywhere in india.

  2. Dude,

    I believe some of these services doesn’t allow you to send unlimited messages a day.

    I use Indyarocks.com,which is very cool,fast and unlimited. Thanks for sharing all these site.I must try out these…

  3. @Techzoomin, I have heard about Indyarocks but haven’t used it,yes you are correct that all the given services doesn’t allow unlimited messages like Atro chatro but this is one of the oldest service in India.160by2 and ibibo are awesome,at such an extent that your friends should get annoyed from your messages 🙂

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