5 most favourite Tech websites: Make your own list

This post is dedicated to all Techmads who are hungry and mad for technology. The team Techmadly is also mad for the technology and the tech websites are the great source of knowledge for us.There is no limitation of knowledge, our knowledge is just like a drop of water with respect of the knowledge available in the web ocean.

My favourite tech websites are:

1) Techcrunch

2) Lifehacker

3) Mashable

4) Digital Inspiration

5) Gizmodo

Apart from these five websites i browse many other websites especially websites of Indian bloggers from whom i get plenty of knowledge. But since this is a protocol of the post to mention only five names so i am unable to reveal their names. Please post your comments and discuss about the usability of the websites.

The aim behind the discussion is only to explore great websites and great knowledge which is hidden inside the web.


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