5 most useful Antivirus of 2009 : AntiVirus Redefined

As number of computers in the World increases the risk factors of effecting our PC also increases day by day,there are various attacks in PC like Backdoors,bots,Trojans,spyware,horses,root kits,adware samples,malware effect the speed of computer. There are various suites available in the market ,out of which our team found out 5 most deserving ant viruses which can help to protect your PC from Virus. Here is the look:

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Symantec Norton Internet Security 2009 The most powerful antivirus tool present in the market. It costs about Rs. 3,300. Its very easy to use and block all the infectious malware.



BitDefender Internet Security 2009: It also has a very good malware founder capacity and its price is also low from Norton, cost at just Rs. 1900, but its some features are quite non deserving like we hadn’t notified in the absence of outdated browser.



McAfee Internet Security Suite 2009 It is a good antivirus i.e. its fixation rate is high but it has some disadvantages too, its scan speed is low, so if you want a fast scan for your PC then this antivirus is not for you.It comes at a cost of Rs. 1900.


Panda Internet Security 2008

Panda Internet Security 2009: Another nice antivirus with a very good scan rate,though it is unable to find that much amount of malware as its rivals do,but overall its a good security suite.It comes with a cost of Rs. 3800



Kapersky Internet Security 2009 Its a low cost antivirus comes at Rs. 1800, but its protection quality and scan speed is low than rival ,so we always suggest to choose one of the above four option.

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