5 Popular Windows Registry Editor to hack registry

The easiest operating system to use is windows because a newbie can easily operate it and requires no information of any programming languages or any type of commands. When you install any program or software you just simply click on the setup.exe file and within some time it installs in your system and you can easily use it. You happily enjoy this software and its application, but when you uninstall this software some of applications or the values remains in the registry of operating system. The Registry of the operating system can be edited if you have a good and sound knowledge of computer, this knowledge helps you in removing that application or software completely from the registry of the operating system. If you don’t have any knowledge or information on computers or doesn’t know anything about the registry of the operating system, then how will you edit it. This is a big question for anyone?

The answer to this question is preety simple. Without having any computer information or knowledge you can edit the registry of the operating system by simply using the softwares available in the market. You can use registry editor software for editing your registry. Actually Registry Editor are the software made to edit your registry of your computer. Registry is a file in which Windows operating system stores data in an organized manner.

Generally all the software use registry to store data. Why you need these registry editors? This is still a question for everyone and no one will be able to answer it correctly, even though i am also not able to answer it properly but with the experience of personal use of computers some how i will help you out i this.

registry edit

With the advancement in technology and time there is a increase in number of vulenerabilities in computers and its software applications. These vulenerabilities can be in any form such as virus, trojan or any spyware type program. To remove these vulenerabilities you use antivirus software, antivirus removes these but not able to remove it completely from the system. To remove it completely you have to use a registry editor because these softwares come with a lot of functionality. You can easily use it and helps you in editing the registry of the system. Some of the better registry editors according to my personal use are as follows:-

1. Multi-Remote Registry Change

This is the easiest one because it perform difficult management tasks on multiple remote computers. More information and download options available at http://www.eytcheson.com

2. PHM Registry Change

This editor allow you to edit your Pocket PC registry. More information and download options available at http://www.phm.lu

3. Registry Rinse

This will safely clean and repair Windows Registry problems within a few clicks. More information and download options available at http://www.registryrinse.com/

4. Wincleaner

It tracks your Web-browsing habits, leaving a trail for anyone to see. More information and download options available at http://www.wincleaner.com/

5. Registrar Registry Manager

It offers a very complete and safe solution to administrators and power users for maintaining the registry on both their desktops and remote computers on their network. More information and download options http://www.resplendence.com/registrar

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