5 Twitter apps to bulk follow and unfollow

“first of all sorry to all my readers that i have not updated my blog continously from its all done so i am here again for you with latest tech udates and blogging tools.

Twitter is a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time and Twitter and twitter fans are growing enormously nowadays.so here i am giving 5 twitter tools that can help you to follow the people of your interest in bulk on unfollow the people who donot follow you back.

1.Flash Tweets


FlashTweet allows you to bulk follow other twitter users by specifying the username whose followers you want to follow.FlashTweet also gives you options to unfollow all twitter users who do not follow you as well as bulk follow users who follow you but whom you do not follow back


2.Huitter mutuality


mutuality is a very simple Twitter web application, all you need to do is log into the application with your twitter ID and password and it will automatically unfollow everyone who is not following you. This tool has been proven to work even with accounts with more than ten thousand twitter followers.


  • Huiter Mutuaity



TwitIn is aalso a twitter app for following and unfollowing twitter users in bulk.

You can bulk unfollow 50 twitter users at a time and follow upto 25 at one go.




In twipinga .Net Framework based apps Select any twitter user and get a list of all the friends or followers for that user. You can also bulk follow followers or friends of any twitter user and also Find out friends who aren’t following you back and unfollow them. You also get to follow back all those who follow you but whom you do not follow back.




Refollow  also gives you options to unfollow all twitter users who do not follow you as well as bulk follow users who follow you but whom you do not follow back


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16 Responses

  1. Yes, but any good Twitterer will refuse to follow spam accounts plus most semi-spam accounts if they don’t outright block them when they are still accessible at the top of the followers list. Its good to check via Tweepular if you missed someone with interesting tweets but, otherwise, I let these people finally unfollow me when their software sees I never followed back.

    There needs to be a way of seeing their bio + last tweet so a decision can be made.

    What is needed that I have not seen is a way to unfollow only those who seem to have logged on more than once since I followed them while keeping those who are so interesting that I won’t unfollow them even if they don’t follow me.

    It is not correct to unfollow those who haven’t signed on to Twitter in 3 months. The apps need to allow for this.

    • @johny yes you are right but who are not signing in for 3-4 months are less frequent on twitter so following them to get update is useless so unfollow them is best option. but your point is good it should be allowed in these apps.

  2. More apps need to analyze who are spam accounts (not hard to do because anyone who says “Get more Twitter followers” more than twice per 20 tweets easily qualifies). Then the app should allow one to bulk unfollow/block those spammers.

    Extra points for allowing the user to agree on the definition of a spam account. My above definition is iron-clad because I would immediately unfollow and block anyone who said “Get more Twitter followers” twice in the last 20 tweets.

  3. Another way for an app to differentiate itself and be more useful than the “revenge for non-follow” apps would be this:

    Analyze trends to find the trick spammers who seem like real people because many of their tweets are personal…but, unbeknownst to you, 10 different accounts are tweeting the same timeline.

    Just this morning I almost followed a follower but noticed another person using another account was tweeting the same lame “personal” timeline mixed with some ads (yes, I check a timeline before I click follow). I blocked both accounts.

    Allow search for bio keywords would be helpful in a “Follow Management Program”

  4. A killer app would show:

    1) Recent unfollows

    2) Some info on whether you had followed those new unfollows after they followed you. Everyone (and I mean everyone) wants a way of knowing about the nasty spammers who follow to get a follow and then drop the victim.

    A spammer who keeps following you at least makes you look good in terms of your stats (although that is not a good reason to keep following a spammer).

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