5 YouTube Tricks Know Must Know

YouTube is world’s most visited and most loved video sharing website. I think most of us are one among the Millions of people who visit YouTube daily for entertainment and fun. Today, I am going to tell you some interesting tricks to make your YouTube video viewing more fun. Just use one or all of them.

1. Disable Related Videos:

Related videos is an addictive feature of YouTube. It give users most appropriate related videos to watch. This is very useful feature but as a video publisher it can annoy you. If you don’t want people to see other people’s content that may be related but may as well be in competition to you. Here is a trick to disable this feature.
Just add ‘&rel=0? to the end of the url part of the embed code and you just turned off the related video suggestions.

2. View High Quality Video:

YouTube supports HD quality videos playback. As the demand of high definition video rises YouTube supports all of them from 240p FLV to full HD 1080p MP4. You can watch any of these resolution videos (if that video available in all formats) depending on your choice and your data plan. For your convenient YouTube provides a button at the bottom-right of video player to change video qualities.
Also there is another method to do this which utilizes URL feature. To view the Youtube video in high quality append the following at the end of the URL as &fmt=6 or &fmt=18 (for 480p) or &fmt=22 (for 720p HD) or &hd=1

3. Embed Specific Part of YouTube Video:

When you embed an YouTube video on a webpage then the whole video will embed. For some reasons you want to show a specific part of video to your viewer then what to do? Use this trick to do so.
Just append ‘&start=60? to skip first 60s of the video.
In general you can modify the value after start= to the number of seconds you want to skip the video for. This way you can improve productivity, save viewers time and bandwidth and of course your server load and monthly bandwidth.

4. Want to watch Adult Videos w/o Logging in?

YouTube censor its content and make sensible content only visible to logged in users. This way YouTube spy on your account, read your date of birth and check whether you qualify age restriction or not. But here is a good news for you that you can still watch those naughty videos without logging into your Google or YouTube account. follow this trick:

Add NSFW before the word YouTube in your URL. e.g. http://www.nsfwyoutube.com/xyz in your address bar.

5. Bypass Regional Filter to Watch International Videos:

Some videos are restricted in your region due to copyright issues or the uploader made his video available in certain part of world. YouTube use IP address to know your geographical location an restrict you to watch those video. You can bypass this region restriction using this trick:

Make a change in the URL from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=<unique-video-code> to http://www.youtube.com/v/<unique-video-code>

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