Cool Websites For You


Here are a list of some cool websites discovered by the team of techmadly which can be very useful to you. All websites are free to use.

(1) AntennaWeb – Find out what type of antenna do you need to receive the most number of channels at your address. Simply enter your address and click on submit button. Read more: AntennaWeb – Find Out What Type Of Antenna Do You Need.
(2) AreMySitesUp – Keeps an eye on your sites and notifies you via email or SMS when any one of them goes down. Read more: AreMySitesUp – Website Uptime Tracker with SMS Alerts.
(3) BlahBlahFish – If you want to see how bad automated text translation can get then head to It is a fun website that translates English phrases into some other language and then translates them back. In many instances results can be really entertaining. Read more: BlahblahFish – Have Fun with Bad Translation Examples.
(4) ClerkDogs -This is a movie recommendation website where all recommendations are made by former video store clerks. The websites database has hundreds of thousands of individual recommendations. Read more: ClerkDogs – Get Movie Suggestions From Video Store Clerks.
(5) FeedChronicle – Create online newspaper using your favorite news sites. The site provides you with a comprehensive list of preselected RSS feeds that can be used to build content for your newspaper. Read more: FeedChronicle -Create Your Own Online Newspaper.

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