Nintendo Co. will launch the latest version of its portable video game system in the United States on April 5
The DSi, which is already available in Nintendo’s home country of Japan, will cost $170 and come in two colors, black and blue. This is the third iteration of the world’s most popular hand held gaming system. The DS Lite,its predecessor, costs $130.
The new handheld is slimmer than the DS Lite, sports bigger screens and includes two digital cameras — one facing outward and one pointing at the user when the device is flipped open. Nintendo likened them to a set of eyes. The two cameras give Nintendo DSi sense of sight
Using the DSi, players can manipulate photos, mix images and share them with friends.
The DSi also includes a  for users to store photos, music and games, which players will be able to purchase and download through the device’s Wi-Fi wireless connection. A stereo headphone output on the outside of the DSi lets users listen to music even when the system is flipped shut.

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