8 Must have extension from Google chrome gallery

chrome.jpgAre you a google fan or dop you like chrome i like because it works faster for many of google sites and also loads fater due to its rendering engine but it is always step below firefox because firefox have a greater compatibility only because a lot of addons. Google chrome also have extension just like firefox not for every work but for most of and you can find out those in Google’s extension gallery for its Chrome browser. We have shortlisted a list of 10 important extension which make your work more easier…

xmarks1.Xmarks for Chrome Beta: the one addons whic let me browse any where with my bookmarks and my passwords is xmarks prev it was known as Fox marks.this extension gives you facility to update your Chrome into your Xmarks bookmark account, synchronizing you between Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and across multiple profiles.

aviary2.Aviary Screen Capture : Depending upon our needs many times we have to take the screen shots and always we cant use printscreen because it captures the whole screen. so the addons are handy when we have to take pictures of short areas and the whole web page. in thant matter. so the solution is  instant web page capture which also lets you pick a particular image from a quick list that pops down.

3.RSS Subscription Extension: In managing bookmarks for subscription it is always messy job for me but this extension let you subscribe the standard RSS just by click it puts an standard sign in the status bar whenever a feed is detected and also delivers the feed to a reader selection page whenyou want. 

4.AdThwart & AdSweep:if you dont want ads to be displayed while you browse then these tools mey help you to do so here both of the tools are used for blocking the adds  they use different blacklists to do so.

5.Google Wave Notifier: Google wave the new arena for email and discussion so if want to be notified by each and every event in your wave account then The wave notifier is the best tool for you you dont have to keep login in wave account this notifier will do the work for you.

brizzly6.Brizzly: a twitter and facebook client for the people who want to get into the social media scoop this extension helps in the way that you do noy need any other client for updating your status to social networking sites. with this tool  you get a quick read on what’s happening in your social streams, with images automatically shown and videos embedded.



7.Google Alerter:if you are a google geek means using alot of services of google then you may probably need this one it check mail, wave and many more thisng aboyt google from your account.

8.Google Mail Checker:For mail checking not looging into your mail account It just placed in the address bar, it is a good tool for being always attentive and it opens your gmail when you click to see the update.\

if you find any adon which should be included in this list you are most welcome to add it.

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