A Big Deal:Collaboration Between Skype And GroupMe





Skype just announced that they will going to acquire group messaging services GroupMe,with the help of these services Skype’s power to ease text and photo messaging will be raised.
The most important characteristics of this new group messaging services are better text based communication,global calling,share your photos and latest check-in,create private phone groups with others, and then send text messages throughout the group and set up free conference calls.

Skype came into this conclusion of acquiring GroupMe after seeing that both Facebook and Google have released their own offerings targeted at group messaging with Facebook Messenger and Google+’s Huddle.There are 175 million monthly connected users on Skype and with the help of this big deal with GroupMe they all will able to take the benefits of group messaging services.
“Skype and GroupMe have a shared vision of creating applications and experiences that are the daily communications choice for a billion people,” Skype CEO Tony Bates said in a statement announcing the deal.
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