Facebook Has Launched A New Translation Tool

Facebook has launched a new translation tool that will now let its users to translate posts directly inline on Facebook Pages.This is different from Google’s translation tool – this opt-in service is powered by Microsoft Bing and works on individual posts on Facebook Pages, including comments.

This service will prove to be very useful for people who want to translate a particular status message to their language. and will make  it even easier for people to enjoy Page content on Facebook regardless of the languages they are most comfortable with.Any public page that is not in your native language can be translated inline by hitting the “Translate” button on the post. You will also have the option to improve the translation as well.

For even better accuracy, the Translate feature lets bilingual users enter a human (and often more accurate) translation in that pop-out window. If enough other users vote positively on the accuracy of a human translation, it will replace the one from Bing each time the Translate button is clicked. The human translations can be managed by page administrators using a “manage translations” link underneath posts on pages they manage.
This new feature works now on Facebook Pages, but not on Facebook Profiles yet.If you are a page administrator and want to enable this feature for your multi-lingual users, go to “Your Settings” and click “Allow translations from Admin, community and machine translators.”

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