A Slick, Fun Way To Teach Yourself How To Program @Codecademy

If you don’t know how to program and you have not sufficient amount of money to appoint a teacher or join any coaching center then not to take worry because Codecademy might just be the answer.







It’s a web-based, interactive programming tutorial that holds your hand and walks you through the basics of JavaScript. At this point it’s just getting started — the lessons only go as far as ‘While’ loops — but it clearly has loads of potential for one key reason: it actually feels fun.

As soon as you open Codecademy.com you’ll be giving assignment to complete the first lesson, which involves printing out and finding the length (in letters) of your name. It isn’t until you’ve made it through a few lessons that the site prompts you to create a user account, when it reminds you that if you don’t register, all of your progress will be lost. At which point you’ll probably register.




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