A Tech Gift For Your Valentine: Sony Vaio P

Do you think this is a netbook? You are absolutely wrong. According to Sony it is a pocket style PC. An ultra thin PC having weight of just 594 grams. Officialy it is launched in India and India product head for VAIO launched it in a very unique manner by pulling out the device from his jacket pocket. So it can be easily understandable that this device can slip into your pocket comfortably. 




Screen: 8 inch
Display: 1600×768
Processor: ATOM Z530 1.6 GHz processor

Its 2GB RAM allow the preinstalled VISTA OS to not choke. But I am sure you guys think about the keyboard space because of its small size wheather one can use the space comfortably or not. So reply of our tech team after experiencing it that Sony has done a very fine re-engineering,they removed touchpad and put in a thinkpad style ‘dot’ to operate the cursor. The additional space created is engulfed by the keyboard.Numbers aside,it’s very comfort to use it with both hands.
Now the price: In India there are two variants available: Rs 49990 and Rs 64990. The difference in both models is in the processor and the version of Vista.

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