Acer Busts the 2009 market with its New Smartphones

Acer the major notebook selling company launches two mobiles last week  DX650 ( weird) and the X960 (generic). Well, they’ve expanded the lineup and now they’ve got a few more phones ready to hit the market. They all run WinMo 6.1 and with a little luck and legwork we’ll have hands-on with all of them soon.

Meanwhile, Acer is branching out into the phone business. The company plans to introduce its first smart phone, timed to the start of the Mobile World Congress Monday night in Barcelona. Mr. Wang said Acer expects sales of such handsets could account for 10% of Acer’s revenue within three years, adding that it will be sold initially in 12 countries.

Acer is one of several computer makers entering the crowded but fast-growing

market for smart phones, which can provide such services as Web browsing and email, in addition to voice calling.

Rival PC and smart-phone brands, including Asustek Computer Inc. and High Tech Computer Corp, are also scheduled to launch new smart-phone models at the Barcelona trade show. HTC is scheduled to introduce both its Touch Diamond 2, aimed at the consumer market, and the Touch Pro 2, aimed at business users, there Monday. Dell is expected to launch its first smart phone soon.

Mr. Wang said Acer hopes to distinguish its smart phones by seamlessly integrating them with its PCs, allowing users to transfer data from one product to the other. He said smart phones could one day surpass notebook PCs as a way for consumers to access the Internet.

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