Add Auto Replay Button in YouTube Page

YouTube is the best video sharing website on the web as Millions of users visits it daily. Although default YouTube player is good enough for all basic video viewing needs. But it lacks an auto replay button that can replay videos after its end.

If you use Google Chrome then you can add auto replay button on YouTube pages in your browser. Auto Replay for YouTube is a Chrome Extension that adds a replay button on single video page. Actually it adds an auto replay checkbox in Youtube video page. You can also select a portion of the video to be auto replayed. It also supports Youtube HTML 5.

It adds short cuts on Start and End text boxes. Pressing Up/Down will decrement/increment time value by 1 sec. Combined with Shift will decrement/increment by 5 secs. Shift+Enter will take the current time of the video. Hash fragments can be used as commands.

This extension supports following fragments:

start=0:10 Sets the Auto Replay start time. Value should be in mins, like you set in the text box.
end=1:20 Sets the Auto Replay end time.
autoreplay=true Sets the video in Auto Replay mode
showoptions=true Shows the Auto Replay Options Just try appending #start=0:10;end=0:20;autoreplay=true;showoptions=true after the video URL.

This extension is very handy if you are sending the link to someone else. Of course he/she too needs the add-on installed in his browser.

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