Adobe flash for smartphones to launch by starting of 2010

Right now if we have to see any of flash file whatever it is on internet or our personal computer, notebook the solution is Adobe flash but we are not able to visualize such files on our smartphones so here is the solution Adobe said that the day when we can get a full desktop version of Flash on our smart phone is just around the corner,.

And At the Mobile World Congress on Monday, Adobe plans to show off progress on its Flash Player 10 for smartphones and deliver a new software development kit that should make reading documents on small screens easier.

While Adobe has demonstrated Flash Player 10 on the Android G1

, at MWC it will also show it running on Nokia S60 and Windows Mobile phones. While Flash Player 10 won’t display absolutely everything developed for the Web, even on high-end smartphones, it will come closer than its predecessors, said Anup Muraka, director of technology strategy and partner development in Adobe’s platform business unit.

The technology that powers web video, animation and some of the cool interaction we take for granted on our computers, has been slow to make it to the smart phone in its full form. The knock on Flash is that it’s too resource-intensive for mobile devices, something Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs has harped on.

Well, Adobe said by the end of this year, it will be ready to release Flash 10 for smart phones running Symbian, Windows Mobile, Android and Palm webOS. The devices will likely appear by early 2010 though Palm announced it will have Flash 10 support on its new Pre handheld sometime by the end of this year. Through software advances and progress on the hardware side, Flash should be ready to go on high-end smart phones providing the same sizzle we’ve come to expect from Adobe.

At this point, however, there is no firm time frame for Flash appearing on the iPhone and BlackBerry platforms.

With the finish line in sight, Adobe has teamed with Nokia to create a $10 million Open Screen Project fund to encourage developers to build new applications and services using Flash. The hope is that designers can make robust Flash apps that work on multiple screens from PCs to television set-top boxes and mobile phones.

“We really want to foster innovation and development of applications that use Flash and are available on mobile devices and support multiple screens,” said Anup Murarka, director of partner development and technology strategy for Adobe.

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