Alexa Widget – 5 Reason why to put on your website


When it comes to traffic based ranking alexa provides you the exact information about your rank . Mainly there are three types of  alexa widget for your website-

  • Traffic History Graph

  • Alexa Site Stats

  • Alexa Traffic Rank


Reason why to put Alexa widget on your website

  1. Alexa Widget Shows live and genuine traffic Rankdirectly from Alexa.
  2. By showing your alexa ranking you can attract advertisers and get approved to various advertising networks.
  3. Reflects publicly visible measures of traffic generation efforts.
  4. It indicates the popularity level of your web site your lower the alexa rank popular your website is.
  5. the most important for you does not have to wait for alexa bots to crawl It collects information about every visit on a web site just like what Alexa Toolbar does. It provide Alexa accurate counts of visits and pageviews. Thus, boost your Alexa Traffic Rank.

now when it comes which graph to put and where to put – then if you have small side bar you can put either alexa site stats or alexa traffic rank widget but if you have enough space in your footer you can go for the traffic history graph.

I recommended above to put the alexa rank in footer because the Alexa web servers become heavily loaded in serving millions of web sites across the Internet and if you put it upper side may be it can slowdown loading your page. thats why it is recommended to put it in the lower most part of the website so that your website can be loaded easily .

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