Another 8.0 megapixel phone from samsung with physical keyboard

Samsung is bomabrding Market with its highest ever megapixel phones. After releasing its 8-megapixel touchscreen phone on T-Mobile last week, Samsung has announced a similar device but with a physical keyboard. The latest Samsung Ultra Touch S8300 phone is a slider that comes with a bright OLED-based display and a 8-megapixel camera.

The UltraTOUCH is 12.7-millimeters thick, features a 3×4 sliding keypad, and has an anti-smudge/anti-scratch screen. The handset also features geo-tagging, 30fps VGA video capture, and a “groovy” music player.

The phone has a 2.8-inch AMOLED or active matrix organic light emitting diode anti-scratch touchscreen. OLED screens draw less power than a traditional LCD-based one and are thinner. They are also offer more vivid color displays.

Samsung, which announced the phone ahead of the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona next week, says it is positioning the device at premium customers who want a powerful camera phone.

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