Apple Introduces Quick Reads iBooks Store Section

Apple has introduced a new section on the iBooks store that bears the title Quick Reads on This week. The section contains shorter, cheaper ebooks that aim to compete with Amazon’s Kindle Singles.

There are some recognizable names on the list though, like Lee Child, John Scalzi and Anne Rice. The new section features a mix of genres that span both fiction and non-fiction selections. Many of the offerings are novellas or short stories, some are essays. There are other types of offerings on display too like recipe books and bundles of instructive websites like IKEA hacks. The books are much smaller in size than your average iBook and range in price from $0.99 to $4.99.

One  factor is that there are many types of publications, like recipe collections or the course notes for a college course, that don’t fit into the book mold all that well. These take advantage of the increasingly short amount of time that people have to read, especially as they grow used to the bite-sized blog posts like this one, where the important information is delivered quickly and succinctly.

Apple’s ability to mold the App Store as it sees fit, without having to release an update to iTunes or the iOS devices, has led it to make several changes lately, expanding the section headers to feature specific apps in a more visually appealing fashion and enabling users to share items they find on iTunes via social networks like Twitter and Facebook.


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