Apple Iphone Tips and Tricks: Part2


we have just given you tricks for easy use of apple iphone on Apple Iphone Tips and Tricks: Part1 so this is second part of the that tips and tricks tutorials..

Get accented characters by Holding down the keys to

A person who like to write words precisely as they should be, even when typing a text message, then you will be happy to find out that now you can easily type accented characters on the iPhone by just holding down the keys (E, Y, U, I, O, A, S, L, Z, C, N) and the list of their alternative pop ups. Hold and down and slide across to choose the one you want.

Double tap home button brings up Favorite contacts – or iPod


The problem with having no physical buttons means that it’s harder to make shortcuts. However, if you double press the home button, it will take you straight into your list of favorite contacts, enabling you to make calls quickly. And, if you double press the home button when the display is off it will bring up Play/Skip buttons so you can get to your music without even having to unlock the phone – perfect for listening to the podcast.

Customize iPod bar

In iphone in the iPod application there are a number of options at the bottom – the iPod bar. However, you can customize these according to your choice by simply selecting more, then choose Edit at the top left and select the icons of your interest, and drag them down to the bottom where you want to place them.

Add link to Home Screen

If you’ve got a web page that you like to visit regularly or want to save as bookmark , then you can place an icon directly on the home screen so you can get directly to it only by Pressing  the ‘+’ symbol at the base of the Safari web browser and choose Add to Home Screen. this tip can work with other browsers also but compatible one.

Correct mistakes with magnifying glass

This is actually a well-known keyboard feature; many of who are the new users must know this feature. If you make a mistake while typing, hold down your finger over the word in question and then a magnifying glass will appear enlarging the text. now just roll down your finger gently you can place the curser more precisely to correct your wrong letter in the text.

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