Apple Is Going To Launch New iPad-Touch Based EasyPay System

With the new EasyPay System of Apple, customers are able to purchase items without going to retail stores. EasyPay is basically a iPad touch-based payment and checkout system.This is designed for the point of sale usage.It includes magnetic strip reader with a barcode scanner and the Apple’s own software.

EasyPay system allows payment by debit,credit or cash and also includes the feature that allows returns.It does not allow the transaction of the payment between two or more debit and credit cards,or pay by checks.These type of complex transaction will be handeled by more advanced computer-based point of sale system.

This EasyPay system is possible after the introduction of the hardware device support via the dock connector.The extended case that shows the basic iPod touch includes sleep and volume control buttons,a usb connector for the purpose of charging and also a rechargeable battery or the card reader and the barcode scanner.It includes a change in the hardware used for processing transactions.Currently Apple has no plans to extend the payment system.This awesome EasyPay system will launch in 3rd november.

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