Apple Mac Pro,iMac and Mac Mini: Latest Birds of Apple

Apple now announces  a new high end desktop Mac Pro with an Intel’s Nahlem processor. Mac Mini desktop whose processor boost its property by giving it more advance graphic and iMac for consumers who wants Apple desktop in a low price.

Apple Mac pro will come in two versions:
1)Quad core version: Priced $2,499
2)Eight core version: Priced $3,299
It is loaded with 2.93 Ghz ‘Nahelem’ Xeon processor.

iMac desktop will come in 24″ display
1)It will cost $1,499
2)It will come in 640 GB hard drive.
3)It includes 4GB of RAM which can be expandable to 8 GB.

Mac Mini is upgraded with
1)NVIDIA GeForce 9400M
2) Monitor free machine cost: $599 for lower end edition and $799 for higher end edition.
3)Lower end edition comes with 1GB RAM and 120 GB hard drive and higher end comes with 2GB RAM and 320
GB hard drive.

The biggest add-on for these Apple product is that they all meet up with Energy Star 5.0 requirements.

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