Apple’s revolutionary Laptop without keyboard

Apple: the name of style in the arena of notebooks has no come up with a new revolutionary which didnot have keyboard really it has simply a sleek wheel instead.You will have to say goodbye to the keyboard and say hello to the future of laptop computers.

Apple has replaced the keyboard with a sleek touch sensitive click wheel. Apple has said that the MacBook Wheel will make typing a thing of the past. This is such a funny story from the guys over at Onion News Network, they even show us one of these so called new laptops and how the new system works.

in the above video The reporter is talking to someone who is supposed to work for , he shows the reporter how the MacBook Wheel works, and we can all see how difficult the system is to type with. The guy from Apple said that everything is a few hundred clicks away.

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  1. I thoroughly understand your spin on this matter. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Are there any other articles like this one?

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