An internet shortcut


This is a most wonderfull thing i have ever discover, can you open without writing Or can you open by writing some odd combination of letter? I am sure you guys are amazed,but this is absolutely true,this wonderful website tells us about shortcuts to open a website by writing some odd letters in a mannered ways.
Let’s check, if you open website, what would be open,definitely the url not exist in the universe,but wait! the answer is when you try to open ,the website open will be, shocked let’s try, click on the link,,or if u you still not believe open it in any other window.
This technology is definitely fun for us but it would be very useful for illiterate to use the internet.
Here are the list of some shortcuts given by = ( angle) Microsoft = = = = News search = = = = = = = = = = Search Engine = = = = = = = Usercash = = Uncoverthenet = = = Video search = =
Image search = = = = = = = = =

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