Automate Twitter Promotion & Marketing by TweetAdder

Tweet Adder is a professional marketing tool for those who see Twitter as an integral part of their online marketing strategies to increase web traffic through their efforts to get Twitter followers through more productive and less time-consuming method. Twitter Adder searches are based upon keyword research.

Tweet Adder Features:

  • Best Twitter Networking Capabilities
  • Lots of Filter capabilities: User can filter twitter search and Twitter profile data search based on these filters –
    Language spoken
    ability to remove profiles with default picture
    ability to remove profiles with URLs in tweets or biography.
  • Automated Tweet search
  • Twitter profile data, location, bio, list and follower search feature.
  • Automate process of Following and Unfollowing users from Twitter based on # tag, follow ratio and not follow back users.
  • Powerful automated Tweet posting and Direct message sending ability
  • Word search feature to search specific words, phase
  • Search with OR operator.
  • Hashtag (#) search
  • Exclude tweets from an user by using: –from:username operator.
  • Search by mentioning any user: @username
  • To a specific user search – to-username
  • Users can manage multiple Twitter accounts from a single dashboard.
  • Twitter trending topics from today to history.

These are main features of TweetAdder app and you can found lots of other by using this fabulous app.

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