Backup and Synchronize Media Across Web Services Using SocialFolder

There are many solutions like Dropbox that make moving files stored on your computer easier, SocialFolder is one of them and best alternative for DropBox. SocialFolders automatically backs up social media content and allows you to easily transfer photos, videos and files between services.

This desktop application works for your social profiles in the same way as DropBox does for your files. The service automatically syncs your photos, videos and files from the web with a desktop filing app that you can access offline.  When you connect to the Internet again, the changes will automatically be made in the online versions. SocialFolder also syncs content from one service with another, allowing you to have all albums in your Flickr account automatically added to your Facebook account. SocialFolder can also be used as a service to automatically backup files and synchronize them over all social services.

How to Backup & Synchronize Media Using SocialFolder:

  • Download SocialFolder on your PC.
  • Register and login to your SocialFolder account from this desktop application.
  • Connect your account with all the services you use, like, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, PhotoBucket, Google Docs and others.
  • Click synchronize files across SocialFolder locations from your other social accounts. This way SocialFolder will download your files over cloud storage and make them available when you need them.
  • Click the blue icon in the system tray to open your SocialFolders location. You should see one folder for each Web service you are connecting to SocialFolders. If all you want to do is back up your media, you’re done.  Free account can synchronize up to 2000 files but you can upgrade to premium account and get unlimited space for file storage.
  • If you want to transfer files between services (or from your computer to one or more services), it’s almost comically easy: Just cut and paste files into their folders within the SocialFolders location.

You can manage your files remotely from your pc. Share your view over this service using comment form.

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