Backup Your Files and Important Documents Online By Backupelf

backupHave you used uploading by email service? this is now very common service as we can also upload our files to Fcebook album or many other places just by sending an email to the particular id. This feature helps us when we do not have option to open the particular site to upload because in most of the office these sites are blocked or using a mobile for internet and uploading takes hell lot of time. we are not only talking about Facebook we are talking about general backup of your


So what to do is to use the email service for backing up your files which can be your docs, audio files, images or anything. The Backupelf is the same kind of service provide which gives you 100 Mb online storage free for using as online backup.

You need to :


1. get and account on Backupelf by visiting for free package if you want more space you can get it by choosing packages there.

sign up

2. complete the signup and you will be given a particular mail id to which you have to send your files.

3. attach what files you want to save and mail it to the id and you are done

You can make use of this video to see how to backup your files – The dead simple way to backup files. from Backup Elf on Vimeo.

If you have any query just shoot an email to contact us page or feel free to drop a comment using below comment box.

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