Best 5 Tools to Increase Twitter Followers

There are hundreds of Twitter Follower tool out there right now. In this post, I wanted to focus on the top 5 Twitter Follower Builder sites. Some of these sites are free and also have premium options to get more points and more followers. These are the sites that help you increase your followers.

Social media plays a big role to make your business a success. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and others are most famous and widely used social tools. If you don’t have Twitter followers or only few of them following your twitter account then there are only few will notice your products too. The more followers you have, the more chance of introducing your products to them and if they like it, they’ll buy from you.

So to make your website or product successful you must have large number of Twitter followers and Facebook friends. But you have to keep in mind that automatic and excessive following and un-following users on Twitter may lead to temporarily or permanently banning of your account. So do this with a care.

1. SocialOomph:

This is among best tool to auto follow or auto unfollow Twitter users. You can also schedule tweets to a specific time. The professional membership offers, in addition to everything above, the ability to find friends with keywords and it gives the ability to find the most influential followers so that you can optimize your networking. The professional membership offers automatic spam controls and the capability to mute tweeters you don’t want to hear from.

2. Twitter Follower:

This site helps you to build a list of Twitter users that automatically follow you back. You register on the site and then you just start following people, simple as that. There are a couple of cool tools that are in place to make sure this will work effectively. First off, if someone does not follow back, you can report them and they will be removed from the list. Additionally, there is a “mass unfollow” button that allows you to unfollow anyone that has not reciprocated.

3. Tweepular:

This site generate a list of recommended peoples to follow from your niche and have a great follower management tool. From there you can then add them in bulk. I have found that close to 70% of those people who I followed have already followed me back.

4. Twiends:

Twiends is a web service that offers to help you grow your social network by getting you more twitter followers.  The premise is simple, earn “seeds” by following other people on twitter.  Spend your “seeds” when people follow you back.  The attraction is obvious it’s a quick and easy way to build some numbers and grow your social network.

5. Tweeter Getter:

You join and follow the people before you and when people sign up underneath you, your twitter follower count jumps. The concept behind Tweeter Getter is that you send a single tweet to all of your followers and it will result in you getting upwards of 19,530 followers within 30 days.

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