Bitdefender Antivirus Has Announced It’s New Cloud Based Endpoint Security

Bitdefender, an antivirus software suite has announced its new cloud based endpoint security.This security has basically developed to provide a very simple and flexible solution to ensure the security of end-user systems and servers without the need of any other software and harware.This is the first cloud based solution provided by the Bitdefender for the purpose of securing Endpoints cloud security.

The cloud security for Endpoints provides unnoticeable scanning with no requirement of the user input beacause all these changes such as scans,updates and configuration are performed in the background.Bitdefender’s new service to provide cloud security to the Endpoints is a part of company’s new “Gravity Architecture” scheme which include:-

1. Provide security to the Vitualized Environments solution
2. Enable centralized management
3. Reports of the multiple Bitdefender security products.

The best thing is that users would not need to upgrade this cloud security because all the advanced features and the enterprise class security solution are inbuilt from the first day.This cloud security is very beneficial for the small businesses and also great for managed security service providers.Cloud security for the endpoints will be available soon worldwide.

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