Bizzabo:New Business Networking Application

Bizzabo helps professionals to discover new business opportunities at meet-ups and conferences and enables event organizers to engage more effectively with their attendees.Bizzabo’s mission is to unleash and maximize the true potential of networking during business events. Nearby business opportunities are missed on a daily basis at conferences, trade-shows, corporate meetings and social meetups.

How are you supposed to find the right business partner using only a name-tag to differentiate him from the rest of the crowd, let’s be honest, people attend conferences and trade shows in order to meet new people and create meaningful contacts and while conferences are filled with hidden business opportunities, you probably found yourself staring at name tags and chatting with the other attendees you already knew.Bizzabo is here to introduce you to that new and meaningful contact.

Using Bizzabo you will transform a frustrating, ineffective experience into a seamless and efficient process in which you no longer “stumble upon” opportunities – you find them!

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