BizzBizz Dashboard:An Effective Place To Manage All Of Your Social Media Accounts…..

With the help of  BizzBizz Social Media Dashboard you can manage all of your social media accounts such as Facebook,Twitter in one location and track each location very easily.Using BizzBizz, you can publish to any of the popular social media platforms, including WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, LinkedIn and Flickr. BizzBizz is the easiest way to update multiple social media accounts at once.


Facebook Management:-

BizzBizz Dashboard enables you to find the latest updates of all your Facebook Pages, Groups, Profiles and Photo Albums you manage. BizzBizz supports Facebook’s native link preview ensuring your posts look great every time.

Twitter Management:-

This dashboard enables you to manage and track all your Twitter account at one place .You can send and receive tweeets and view the profiles of different users.

Blog Management:-

All the blogging platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, Posterous and Tumblr supports BizzBizz Dashboard. You can even create your own blogs using the BizzBizz’s platform.Use BizzBizz WYSIWYG editor to compose content-rich blog posts. Embed images and videos with ease. Use BizzBizz analytics to track which blog posts generated the most hits.

These are the following steps how to use BizzBizz Dashboard:-……

:- Go to and click on the Dashboard login tab.
:- If u are a new user then click on Register an account tab
:- After registration a new user is able to use BizzBizz Dashboard up to 30 days….



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