Broadband Internet an Overview

When we use internet the speed of your access is controlled by a factor called bandwidth and thus “Broadband” a high speed internet is made by combining Broad + Bandwidth. As much high is the bandwidth as much greater the data we can send or receive.

“Broadband in data can refer to broadband networks or broadband Internet and may have the same meaning as above, so that data transmission over a fiber optic cable would be referred to as broadband as compared to a telephone modem operating at 56,000 bits per second. However, a worldwide standard for what level of bandwidth and network speeds actually constitute Broadband has not been determined.” via wiki

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Now we are talking about Broadband Internet access which means high data rate Internet access as compared to dial-up modem connections. the USFCC defines “Basic Broadband” as data transmission speeds exceeding 768 kilobits per second (Kbps). And the data rate in this is referred to as maximum download because the upload speed may be less than download depending upon broadband provider.

Diffrent types of data rates in broad band:

Connection Transmission data rate
DS-1 (Tier 1) 1.544 Mbit/s
E-1 2.048 Mbit/s
DS-3 (Tier 3) 44.736 Mbit/s
OC-3 155.52 Mbit/s
OC-12 622.08 Mbit/s
OC-48 2.488 Gbit/s
OC-192 9.953 Gbit/s
OC-768 39.813 Gbit/s
OC-1536 79.6 Gbit/s
OC-3072 159.2 Gbit/s


Broadband speed also depends upon the technology we are using to obtain this like t_1 line connection, wireless isp, power line internet.Using these technology many providers allover the world are providing mibile broadband plans, wireless broadband plans several technologies of broadband are listed here:

  • Multilinking Modems
  • ISDN
  • T-1/DS-1
  • Wired Ethernet
  • Rural broadband
  • Satellite Internet
  • Cellular broadband
  • Power-line Internet
  • Wireless ISP
  • iBlast
  • WorldSpace

The speed near you is very much depends upon the provider what they are providing and now a days Broadband penetration” is now treated as a key economic indicator.I collected a lot much info about plans all over from can check your broad band speed here also. currently the technology like black channel and residential gateway are in action but in future we can have more speed  by  High-Speed Downlink Packet Access and White Spaces Coalition.

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