BSNL launches 3G service in India

So,another landmark is added in a list of BSNL list,after very pricey budget government delayed the much awaited 3G spectrum auction to the private platers,but government body launches it a months before bidding. This is a very gentle move by BSNL because it directly give advantage to the users who were very eagerly waiting for the release of 3G.
Now you can do live video conferencing,watch Movies,play music,play games, download files with amazing speed.
According to Ericsson its WCDMA/HSPA technology is helping India-based telecom operator BSNL to achieve its simultaneous launch of a widely anticipated 3G services across 11 cities. BSNL said that it plans to launch 3G services using WCDMA/HSPA technology across more than 700 cities.
The launch of 3G network is expected to bring high quality voice services along with high speed data and video services with speeds of up to 2 Mbps. At present, BSNL is offering applications such as video telephony, mobile broadband, mobile TV and video on demand.

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