Canned response in Gmail labs:use save templates in writing emails

While we are very busy in some work if we get any one’s message on our phone and we dont want to write we just use the save MSG templates to save time or may be we are being lazy to reply or write. Now if it comes to email while we get many emails per day for some we reply and some we just ignore because of the same reason lack of time and laziness to write so why not to make something like saved templates in email also which you can use easily to reply, to tell the sender that i have received your mail and thanks.

Que- how can i make saved template in mail and use them quickly ?

Answer- If you are using Gmail and familiar with gmail labs then this all solve the problem . Yes there is a gmail lab feature named Canned response” which can be used to save some templates of mails that we very often use.

canned response

To enable this Goto settings >> Labs>> Canned Responses and enable

When you enable it and return to compose a mail there will be a option displayed to add or save canned response so now make a canned response save it . Now every time if you have to write that response in writing a  mail just click on canned response and select the saved template you want.

canned response 2

This option can benefit you by both the ways technically and socially like >>

1.If you reply to every mail just by sending a response that i had received that mail it create a positive professional impression.

2. While your many friend mail you each day you can reply just by saying thank you using this feature.

3.You can make and save any text from any email as a template so easy to manage response no need to copy and paste all the time.

if you have nay query realted this you can discuss in comment and if you begin using this lab feature let us know how it goes you liked it or whatever your openion about.

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