Canvas:New Website Launched By Founder Of 4Chan

4chan founder Christopher Poole  has launched the first public version of his new website, Canvas.”Canvas” is an online community where people can post, edit, re-mix, mash together, and share photos.Canvas is not meant to replace or succeed 4chan, it’s merely supposed to be a more mainstream photo site.

The community allows users to post content and engage with others, but instead of just posting to a board anonymously, users must first create anonymous accounts.Currently the site has limited its scope to images. Users are encouraged to upload photos, and add their own variations on other pics.

Unlike other photo-sharing sites, however, the pictures shared on Canvas tend to be photoshopped in bizarre, and conversation-starting ways.After an image is uploaded to the site, users may submit their own doctored versions of the same photo, or show their approval by attaching visual icons to the thread.This metadata allows the site to determine the most popular discussions, which it displays in list format.

The site employs a badge-like system of stickers, which can be applied to images as a way of casting a vote. Drag the “LOL” sticker onto an image you thought was funny.

Canvas in its current form represents just a kernel of our long-term vision for the site, and we couldn’t be more excited about what’s in store

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