Catalyst 1.3.1 Released To Fix Bugs!!!! Use It It’s Really Helpful..

Few days back Catalyst 1.3 has been releashed with amazing features and CSS Front end builder. Now today, when I logged in one of my blog, found a notification like this:


This notification clearly shows that latest version of Catalyst is available and I have to update it to latest version.
Catalyst 1.3.1 fixes some bugs, adds the CSS Builder/Custom CSS Editor back into Advanced Options and makes some pretty strong improvements as compared to 1.3 Front-end CSS Builder. Here are the changes:
Added the Custom CSS Builder and Custom CSS Editor back into Advanced Options.Made some major refinements to the new Front-end CSS Builder to make it faster, more precise and easier to use.Fixed bug where Custom CSS images were not visible after saving and reloading page (though they were visible to regular visitors or when the CSS Builder Tool was not active).Fixed bug where Custom CSS wouldn’t save on first click of “Save Changes”.Added stripslashing code to Custom CSS echo.Fixed bug where the EZ Home Background and Border options were not being assigned to the correct EZ Home Wrap div.Fixed bug where the EZ Widget Area border thickness was not being accounted for when determining the widths of the EZ Widget Areas in Dynamik.Changed name of Custom Stylesheet from custom.css to catalyst-custom.css to help prevent conflicts with manually added custom.css files.So, for what you are waiting, update now to latest version as soon as possible and if you have not get your copy of Catalyst WordPress Theme, then get it right now:

Sign-Up Link for Catalyst WordPress Theme

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