Changing Smartphones: Top 5 Futuristic Features

If you think your phone is smart now, it’s time to step back and take a look at what the next generation of phones will be able to do. A recent Huffington Post article and HotengKiat post profiled some of the most intriguing concept phones that may be hitting the market in the coming years. Looking through these ideas, it’s clear that technology is accelerating at a far greater pace than it has been in the last decade, and the things that people only dreamed of a few years ago are going to be reality soon. Check out some of these top futuristic features to watch for next time you get a phone.

1. Detachable Headsets:

Bluetooth headsets are all the rage these days, but they’re a completely separate component from the rest of the phone. Some new phone designs include a headset that is fully integrated into the design of the phone itself, and can be detached when it is needed as a separate device. This makes it easy to carry and keep track of when it’s not being worn, while still offering a functional way to talk without holding up the phone.

2. Self-Cleaning:

In many parts of the world, people are very concerned about germs and outbreaks of dangerous strains of flu. Futuristic phones may have self-cleaning features, like the UV light integrated into a concept Android phone. This UV light disinfects the phone as it charges, leaving it germ-free for the user at the start of every day. Plus, phones are designed with hard, impenetrable casings to keep germs from getting inside.

3. Solar Charging:

Rather than relying on car or USB chargers, and external long-life battery packs, the phones of the future may be able to be charged with solar power. A phone could have solar panels along the back and be able to stick directly onto a window to charge anywhere, whether it’s in the car, at home, at the office, or just sitting on a picnic table. In addition to being convenient, this is also an eco-friendly design.

4. Bracelet Phones:

The phones of the future are going to be made of flexible materials that can change shape to be worn around the wrist. This eliminates the need to have a bulky phone in the pocket, and makes a phone into a fashion accessory as well. When the user needs to talk on the phone, it can come off the wrist and be shaped into something more comfortable to hold up for talking. Picture an 80s-style slap bracelet, but with a high tech phone and display.

5. Pen Phone:

Pen recorders are one of the essential elements in any spy kit, but not many people have seen a pen phone. Prototypes show this phone with a display on the side of the pen, or perhaps even wrapping around or unrolling from the pen, and have a receiver at one end and microphone at the other. Of course, users could also attach a bluetooth headset for ease of use.

Time has yet to tell whether these futuristic features will actually be available in the coming years. At the very least, it’s fun to dream about what may be possible in terms of technology, especially in the realm of adapting to fit in better with everyday life. The book is far from closed on what features manufacturers are considering, and there are many contests where ordinary people can submit their concept designs for consideration, too!

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