China Has Now Just One Rank Behind The U.S In Mobile App Usage

Chinese mobile application market has now become the world’s second largest mobile application market after showing a huge increment in app store usage this year.China is now just one rank behind the U.S in using mobile applications.


According to the survey of mobile application firms,China is currently top of the world’s mobile application market by showing record 870% of increment in mobile application during 2011 to till now.The new statics shows that the china has most cellphone users in comparison to other countries.This indicates that the chinese market of cellphones and the mobile applications are growing very fast.

Flurry,a mobile application analytics measures all the usage with the help of its own analytics software and also track overall session per month of the mobile applications in china. In the month of January China secured tenth position after showing 1.8% of all app sessions,but in October china was in second position with 7.3% of all sessions.

The people of China have adopted the more premium iOS and android handsets, that is the reason of using mobile app very quickly and the application market is growing very fast.A new mobile app market has emerged by China and China is now the new mobile application Dragon.

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