Chinese Search Giant Baidu Has Launched Its New Mobile OS

China’s top search engine Baidu has launched its new mobile operating system platform Baidu Yi.The platform, based on Google’s Android mobile operating system, will include applications such as maps and an online store.

Baidu Yi will enable third-party application developers to create applications such as games, maps and other tools that they can distribute in a similar way to Apple Inc‘s Apple Store.

Baidu also has some good Android apps that have been available for a while that it can now integrate into its new Baidu Yi platform, such as:-

1. Input-method editor (IME) for typing or hand-drawing Chinese characters.
2. Single sign-in functionality, providing easy access to its myriad cloud-powered applications and a mobile backup service.

Google‘s own search engine was China’s second biggest until the company decided to pull out of the country in 2010 in response to concerns over security and censorship.Android, which is currently the biggest smartphone OS in the United States, has a considerably smaller presence in China, which represents the second largest smartphone market in the world.Baidu Yi will provide competition for another recently-launched mobile OS in China, Alibaba’s Cloud OS.Both Baidu and Alibaba have massive user bases in China, and the introduction of their new operating systems and hardware will have a significant impact on the world’s largest mobile internet market.

Baidu, which runs China’s largest search engine with an over 80 percent market share, has been aggressively diversifying into e-commerce, online video and online travel to bolster growth and increase competitiveness.

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