Classic Notes:New Note-Taking Application For Android

The classic notes application for android phones is the perfect all in one application with a stylish interface.Classic notes,not only lets you write notes to yourself but also manage your music, translate texts in different languages and even calculate your mortgage payment. Classic Notes is essentially a notepad which allows you to write memos and also lets you secure your private notes with a password.

Once you create a note with Classic Notes, you are presented with multiple options for customization.The Classic notes pad is made to look like a legal memo pad with a margin on the left and a soft brown color. Using the classic notes is an experience which leaves you feeling as if you are comfortably writing on a piece of paper.This application has a clean look inspired by the iPhone notepad application.

The Classic Notes application copies your note and pastes it to the sharing website. Consequently, the person receiving your note does not require the same app just to read your note.The notes can be attached to a calendar in your phone. In this way, reminders can be created for specific dates with details added to them through attached notes.

Features of new Classic Notes Lite:-

1. Add notes to Google Calendar – Set reminders and events for specific notes
2. Export/Import entire database – Create backups on the fly
3. Google translate notes – Easily translate between languages
4. Using the export and share feature you can easily send notes to Google Docs
5. Text to Speech audio playback of notes
6. Share notes socially through the likes of facebook, twitter, and so on.
7. Add notes to status bar
8. Create Home Screen shortcuts of notes

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